End of the year

Unless something unexpected happens it looks like we will yet again live to see a new year.

While this day is as any other day it can nevertheless be used as a symbol for the start of something new. I will celebrate the actual twelve beat by jumping in the ice cold sea. Right now I’m in a secluded place north of Stockholm. My family owns a small house with a sauna just next to the sea and starting the new year with an awakening shock seems like a good idea.

However, I do have some long term plans for the next year. In no special order:

I’d like to meditate more. While I’m fairly consistent with a 30 min sit in the mornings when in Milan (or home in general), all discipline goes out the window once I’m traveling. In my job I travel a lot, so there is definitely room for improvement. Furthermore, I tend to be a bit stiff with my sitting. Either its 30 min or nothing at all. Sitting say 15 min is still much better than no sit at all. Thus, when traveling I could go for shorter sits as long as I keep the regularity. The same goes for weekends where I also tend to slack of a bit.

I’ve started learning a little bit of C++ programming. While I’ve spent a considerable chunk of my life in front of computers, I’ve never learned to code properly. I blame computer games for this. Or well, in all honesty I blame myself.

While I do enjoy science, I do not see a future in a job which is dependent on governmental funding. The old economies are slowly sinking to the bottom of the sea and the question is how long they will be able, or willing, to fund basic science (maybe a but gloomy, but I rather be prepared than sorry). I’d like to have a job which is flexible and independent of external funding. Preferably a company in my own name. I’m still waiting for the aha-idea…

At the moment this blog is nothing more than training ground. My hope is to take this somewhere. I’m not sure where or in what direction, but it could be a platform for public writings in Sweden. God knows there are a lot of things that need to be addressed.

The list will grow in size.

Happy new years.

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