What’s up with the name?

So what’s up with the name?

First of all, if you don’t speak Swedish you’re a bit lost.

Blomm means flowering of a flower. Or, perhaps, just short for flower. Kraft means power, which incidentally, is the same in German. Why do I mention German? Well, because the name derives from both an English and a German slogan. The English one should be obvious right? The German one is, well, not German actually. Anyone heard about the Illuminates trilogy? If yes, perhaps you remember something about ewige something? If so. Great, that’s the other part of the name.

This didn’t really tell you that much right? Well that’s fine. So lets focus on the easy part. Flower power. I’m a peace loving hippy physicist who’s a social conservative with a love for guns and martial arts 🙂

While I’m partly a libertarian at heart I also see the need for a welfare state where the weak and exposed are taken care of within the frame of a institutionalized governmental system.

Aside from that, I love my country and is what you would call a nationalist. In contemporary Sweden this is actually something bad and for most people nationalism automatically lies in the far right of the political spectrum. On the other hand, I’m an avid spokesman for the legalization of all drugs, I’m passionate for the equal rights between men and women (or men and men or women and women for that matter) but I do not subscribe to the feminist agenda. At least not the Swedish version of it (which is the only one I have some familiarity with). I’m open to everyone and everything and you are free to think and talk as you choose to. In the same way I expect you to let me think and talk in a way that suits me. Thus if you insist on using the outdated and inadequate left / right political scale I’d be as much right as I am to the left. I try to be up tho.

On the scale of introvert versus extrovert I’d say I’m 60/40. Not uncomfortable around people but definitely not a party animal (God knows I like my beer and wine tho). Social interactions with people I don’t know tends to take energy. While I can definitely play the game for a weekend or two, I prefer some peace and quiet after that.

I like close relationships. Especially with other men. In my life I’ve had several very close relations with other men. And no, don’t get dirty. I mean friendships. Oh, and in order to remind myself I tell you guys: I need to write a post about the social consequences of living a vagabond lifestyle.

Alright. So that was an explanation for the name of the blog which somehow morphed into a slightly more personal introduction. Maybe that’s fine.

As my very good German friend likes to say, saluti!

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