As you know I work in science. One of the upshots with this line of work is that I can do my work more or less wherever I chose to. As long as I have pen and paper, my laptop and sometimes internet I’m all set.

Naturally, arriving in Milan about a month ago one of the top priorities was to find a good work spot. But honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a place as backwater when it comes to social cafe life as Milan is. This is somewhat unexpected since Italy is known for coffee and food culture.

However. After one month of walking walking and walking I’ve finally managed to find something:

While its not perfect its definitely something I can see myself returning to. The only annoying fact is that its a 30min commute door to door from where I live. Its also very packed. This should somehow indicate there’s a market for these kind of places. Where are the local entrepreneurs?

For crying out loud, even Stockholm is miles ahead of Milan. Not to mention Berlin….

End of rant.

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