Hello world

This is my second attempt to start a blog. I’ve always had a nagging feeling that I should write something for a public audience. Not because of talent, but more from a feeling that I have a lot of things to say. More of that later tho. Now: Introduction. 

My name is Per. I’m a theoretical physicist working in the field of string theory. String theory is a mathematical theory where general relativity and quantum field theory can be unified into one consistent mathematical formulation. Yes, its very technical and yes, its definitely more fun than it sounds. 

Currently I’m doing my second post doc (google slave labor) in Milan. Before that I lived in Cape Town and before that in Berlin where I did my ph.d Originally I hail from Sweden but have not lived there for the last eight years. 

Not into physics? That’s fine. This blog will mostly be about other things I find interesting. A small sample of possible topics could be: Metaphysics, politics, Sweden, music, movies, philosophy, skepticism, anti-skepticism, conspiracy theory, non-conspiracy theory, gender, martial arts, and, physics! A rather broad mix. 

The language will be either English or Swedish. 

Below: The reason to write a blog


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